“Heroin does not discriminate;
it affects the wealthy, the poor,
the young or old,
and all those in between.”






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Our team members have a vested interest in providing educational information to a sometimes unsuspecting or unaware community. We accomplish this in various ways, collaborating with the local school districts and Chester County drug programs to presenting drug awareness information during:

• Town Hall Meetings 
• Community Events
• Parent Support Groups
• Art Programs for at-risk elementary students
• Educational Activities for intermediate and middle school students
• Addiction Awareness & Education Assemblies for high school students
• Narcan Training & Distribution at special events

And, we simply identify any areas where we can make a difference.
We welcome the community’s thoughts and insights about the heroin

problem and will work with you toward a solution.


Invite us to your events!

 Our team members are trained by

Good Fellowship Ambulance in partnership with

Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services

in the use of Naloxone, access to community resources and ability to assist in obtaining Narcan

Naloxone was provided by the Department of Drug and Alcohol to Kacie’s Cause for community distribution. As you may or may not be aware, Naloxone does have a shelf life of about two years. The Naloxone distributed over the last months at events is reaching its expiration date soon.

We recommend that you replace your naloxone by the expiration date on the package. Naloxone is not unsafe to use past the expiration date, but the effectiveness is no longer guaranteed. In an emergency situation where the only available naloxone is expired, that naloxone should still be used because even a partially effective medication is better than nothing.



Every Thursday


Location: First Baptist Church
415 West State St., Kennett Square, PA 
For more information, contact:

Luis Tovar (484) 888-9682

Our Parent Support Group is specifically designed to meet the needs of parents with children of all ages who are in active use or currently in treatment for a substance abuse disorder or are successfully working a long term recovery program. Through listening and sharing to each others journey we begin our healing. We provide a safe and judgement free environment to openly share and gain some valuable information and resources. We have also learned that, like our loved one's journey, ours is an ongoing recovery that is taken one day at a time. Join us, hope is spoken here!


Every Wednesday


Location: Parkesburg Baptist Church
103 West Street, Parkesburg, PA 19365

Crane Hall – double red doors by library

For more information, contact:

Betsy G. -

Kacie's Cause Parkesburg Chapter is pleased to invite you to a support group for Friends and Family of Addicted Loved Ones.

We have received many requests over the years for a close location where borough families and friends can gather to talk and listen to others in similar situations. We have a wealth of education, experiences, information, resources, love, and hope to offer. 


1st & 3rd Tuesdays each Month


Location: Across from Hank's Place

2 Station Way Road, Chadds Ford

For more information, contact:

Andy Rumford, 610.742.5249

Beginning March 5, 2019, moderator Kim Engstrom, M.S. Counselor, will lead this GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP. 

Come learn helpful coping strategies, develop a support network and share your experiences (if you wish) with others in a small group environment.

Allow us to help you ease your loss. This group is open to anyone who has experienced a loss in their life.


SAMHSA's National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

(also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

When calling a hotline for heroin assistance, you can look forward to being answered by a friendly, understanding, and supportive counselor who will listen to your concerns, and explain all the types of heroin addiction treatments they offer that would put an addict on the road to recovery. 

PARENT HOTLINE (sponsored and manned by Patnership For-Drug Free Kids) 1-855-378-4373 (or see other options below)

Sometimes you simply need a one-on-one connection. We have trained and caring master’s-level specialists ready to help any parent struggling with a son or daughter’s drug or alcohol use. They are here to listen, help you find answers and make an action plan.

You can connect with our Helpline specialists in the following ways:

Gracias por su comunicarse con nosotros. Si usted necesita ayuda para su hijo o otro ser querido que tiene un problema con drogas o alcohol, por favor llame a nuestra Línea de Ayuda Para los Padres al número 855-378-4373. La llamada es gratis y puede recibir ayuda y consejos de nuestras especialistas que le pueden ayudar en su idioma.

También puede presionar y hacer clic al botón arriba que dice “Send Message” y atra vez de ese botón también se puede comunicar con nuestras especialistas que le pueden ayudar en su idioma.


Centers of Excellence help ensure that people with opioid-related substance use disorder stay in treatment to receive follow-up care and are supported within their communities. The centers coordinate care for people with Medicaid, and treatment is team-based and “whole person” focused, with the explicit goal of integrating behavioral health and primary care.