Kacie Erin Rumford, the inspiration for Kacie's Cause founded in 2013
Kacie Erin Rumford
Born June 6, 1989 - Died March 12, 2013 

I loved books and read daily….Some people would call me a voracious reader.
I wrote poetry and loved all my animals. 
I helped my Dad and Mom around the house and I attended Penn State University. 
I enjoyed music and being with my friends. 
I loved watching movies with my Mom in front of the big screen TV in our living room. 
Dad &I would listen to WIP Sports talk and I was pretty good at knowing about Philly sports. 
I played basketball and softball and ran cross country and was a cheerleader in school. 
I was even a black belt in karate!! 
I enjoyed drawing & one of my favorite books was " The Secret Life of Bees", among many others. 
I loved Oreo Double Stuff cookies, my favorite. 
I love my family...My Mom & Dad and my brother Alex. I will see all of you again. 

We will be able to smile, laugh and hug one another, together again in a happier place. 
I am now the "Angel on your Shoulder"…if you listen really hard, you will hear my voice

and feel me guide you through the rest of your life.

Love and Kisses, Kacie

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Life will never be the same without you.
Mom and I are shattered.
Our tears wont stop….our pains so severe.
We look for signs everywhere as the nightmare unfolds.
Dawn to dusk and back again..countless trips to the cemetery to “talk”.
Designing the “name plate” for the front of your crypt, God have Mercy.
Reading you your favorite book….
Talking with so many of your friends...
Talking with so many Moms and Dads who lost a child.
Heroin everywhere….Heroin Dealers along main street in Kennett…

Let's help our Children!!
One Person can make a difference. We see it all the time.
We have your voice recorded, we cant bear to listen to it yet.
Your favorite, “Peeps” for Easter… I will eat them at your grave.
Wearing your sweatpants to bed…smelling the “Ed Hardy” everyday.
A sign…finding your ring inscribed with the word “LIVE” in your room.
On my finger it sits….on my hand it will remain.
Clapton's song….”Tears in Heaven”. 
You’re my inspiration, our daughter.
Kacie, Is that you walking in the door again??!!
A parents nightmare…”You’ll never come home”.

- Andy Rumford

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