Kacie Erin Rumford

Our Mission

Kacie's Cause is a nonprofit organization consisting of concerned parents, business people and citizens tirelessly fighting the heroin and opioid epidemic that has invaded our county and our nation.  We seek to educate our communities of the widespread use of opioids, substance use disorders and unbiasedly promote the availability of prevention, education, treatment, recovery and support programs in our community for the Individual and their families. 

Our History

Kacie Erin Rumford was the beloved daughter of Andrew & Donna Rumford and sister of Alex Rumford. She wanted to change the world, but her addiction took her too soon. Created by the Rumford family in March 2013 after Kacie’s fatal Heroin overdose, Kacie’s Cause was started as a way for the family to turn tragedy into a positive in Kacie’s memory. This is a crusade to help other families avoid a similar heartbreak. Kacie’s Cause has now grown to several Chapters and two active Parent Support Groups. We work as a team to demonstrate how local residents, schools, and law enforcement can become involved to help and protect one other.

Our Message

Kacie’s Cause educates the public about: 

  • Signs and symptoms of substance use.

  • Laws and policy that relate to substance use.

  • Medical legislation that impacts parents with children over the age of 14.

  • Awareness of drug activity within our communities. 

  • Information & Referrals for treatment.